Please allow me to introduce myself

But first of all: Welcome to my little world of gaming! In this blog, I will be sharing my everyday gaming, which will mainly consist of Magic the Gathering and different sorts of video games, with the occasional board game now and then. I will also be writing reviews of both old and new games within the aforementioned categories.

And who am I then? I am a Swedish female, born in the 80’s who has loved playing games for as long as I can remember. As a small child I would mostly play all sorts of board games, my two favorites being Dungeon Quest and Cluedo.


It would be a couple of years before I could get my own computer, since I had to buy it with my own money. But a few years of saving later I got one, and I would spend countless nights playing Civilization I (and later on II, III and IV) and a bunch of adventure games, such as Simon the Sorcerer and Day of the Tentacle, just to mention a few.


A time consuming university education and medical residency would mean a period where I didn’t have much time for gaming, unfortunately. But I have been well back into it for a good couple of years now, after my residency finished. I am lucky enough to have a fantastic husband who shares my gaming interest; it was he who introduced me to Magic the Gathering 2,5 years ago, and we have been playing it regularly since.

A big welcome once again! I’m hoping You will find this blog informative, but mainly entertaining! 🙂